Dec 7, 2009

Dress on fire

Edward Steichen photograph of Thérèse Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921. This is my all time favorite photograph. The silk dress looks like fire.

"She was a living reincarnation of a Greek nymph. Once, while photographing the Parthenon, I lost sight of her, but I could hear her. When I asked where she was, she raised her arms in answer. I swung the camera around and photographed her arms against the background of the Erechtheum. And then we went out to a part of the Acropolis behind the Parthenon, and she posed on a rock, against the sky with her Greek garments. The wind pressed the garments tight to her body, and the ends were left flapping and fluttering. They actually crackled. This gave the effect of fire -- 'Wind Fire.' From the book A Life in Photography by Edward Steichen.

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