Sep 18, 2010

painting from the third eye

My first exposure to the artist Paul Laffoley happened in 1999.  I had recently moved to Austin, Texas and the AMOA on Congress was turning out to be one of my favorite places in town.  In the span of a few months, I was lucky enough to catch retrospective exhibits of both Laffoley and an incredible local painter, Julie Speed.
Both blew me away with their visions, but only Laffoley left me wishing I had a few more hours to take in the information his art conveyed.  Canvases that are equal parts art and lesson, in everything from astral projection and time travel to theosophy and Wilhelm Reich.  Laffoley's radio is tuned to Coast to Coast AM and his aim is idea transmission through art.
Read a thoroughly wild interview with Laffoley here and hear him talk about his experience as one of the architects of the World Trade Center here.

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