Nov 2, 2010

Laura Archera Huxley

Laura Huxley was a hip, hip lady.  In addition to being a violin prodigy, filmmaker and humanitarian, she was the author of several books that continue to resonate with me.  In 1963, she wrote a series of recipes for life, published as "You Are Not the Target".  The recipes, with their evocative titles like "The Art of Converting Energy" and "Lay the Ghost", combined meditation and psychological reflection and still feel relevant and useful today.  In 1969, Huxley wrote "This Timeless Moment", about her courtship and life with Aldous Huxley.  That book (which you can read most of via Google Books) details one of the most tender romances between an intellectual and a free spirit that i've ever read.  
From Recipe #6:
Go into a room by yourself. Put on your favorite music. Throw off your clothes. And dance.

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